Steps to Deal with Pests Damaging Your Roof

Learn the steps to deal with pests damaging your roof from Louisiana real estate expert Louisiana Landsource. Yes, squirls and other animals can and will damage your roof. If this happens to you reach out to Landsource for not only advice and vetted contractors that can help you with your problems in some of our most popular Parishes like, Franklin, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Rapids, and Union Parish

Imagine for a moment that you’re relaxing in your home after a hard day at work. And out of nowhere, you start hearing some weird noises from your ceiling. And, all hell breaks loose when you realize that you and your family are not the only ones living in the house – but critters have also made your roofing their new home. 


When such a situation happens in your home, getting panicked all of a sudden is quite understandable. The reason is most homeowners have no clue about whom to contact and how to get rid of unknown creatures living on their roofs. 

Well, if it’s some relief, the problem is quite common, especially in neglected or poorly maintained roofs. To help homeowners deal with such infestations, our experts have shared some easy yet effective steps to follow in this article. 

1. Dealing with Roof Pests 

We would like to break the bad news first. If critters have chosen your precious roof as their new home, there’s no easy and quick way to get rid of them. The good news is that if you follow some simple steps, you can remove them permanently. As with every effective, long-term solution, it can also take some time.

2. Call Roofing Repair Professionals and Pest Control Experts

A roof infestation by critters is a complicated situation that is better left to skilled professionals. So, don’t use any DIY method available all over the internet. For the best results, trusted pest control specialists and your roofing contractor will work together to devise a customized plan specifically for your roof. 

3. Getting Rid Of Pests

Once the roofing and pest control experts have carefully examined all the areas of your roof that can serve as the entry points for critters, they will create a treatment plan to get rid of the specific types of critters that have invaded your roof. These treatment methods are created differently for different types of critters such as mice and squirrels. 

One major advantage of hiring professionals to fix this issue is that they know how to remove these unwanted guests from your roof without inflicting any kind of damage to your roof.

Once you’re certain that your roof is completely free from critters, your roofing experts will start working on restoring your roof to its original condition. They will thoroughly check your roof for any structural damage and address the roofing issues immediately. Roofing professionals will also assist you in getting rid of the waste that often includes toxic substances left behind by the pests. 

4. Closing the Entry Points 

When professionals have successfully fixed all the existing and potential roofing issues caused by the critters, now it’s time to close and repair all the possible entry points. These are usually cracked or missing shingles. This is an essential step to prevent such problems in the future. 

5. Preventing Roof Infestation from Happening Again

Prevention is always better than cure and nothing could be further from the truth as far as critters on the roof are concerned. Regular inspections can help you prevent such problems from happening again in the future while keeping your roof in tip-top condition for years to come. Professionals have a trained eye to detect all the entry points as well as the damage done on your roof by the critters before these issues can escalate into large-scale repairs.

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While dealing with critters living on your roof might be a scary idea for most people, at LA Roof Crafters deals with such roofing infestations often. Whether you want to remove critters and pests from your roof or you want to fix any roofing issue with our top-quality roof repair and replacement services, get in touch with our friendly experts right away. 

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