How Often Should I Change My Hunting Location?

Are you wondering “how often should I change my hunting location? Let Louisiana Landsource help you out! If you have listened to the deer hunting stories of old timers, you cannot help but realize a certain pattern to their hunts. 

Old timers rarely used to change their hunting locations and strategies. They believed in the adage, “if is not broken, there is no need to fix it”. That is why they used the same stand for all their hunts for decades and they used to hunt at the same specific time. 


However, in the last few years, deer hunting has evolved by leaps and bounds, with hunting ideologies and tactics changing faster than ever before. We have noticed that hunting mature bucks have caught the fancy of new hunters in a big way, and many hunters are committing to whitetail management all year round. An average whitetail hunter’s schedule is packed with hardcore scouting and several management tasks. These are the things that old-timers rarely bothered about. 

While there is certainly a significant change throughout the deer hunting world, one of the biggest shifts has been an inclination toward mobile hunting. While we are not blaming the old timers for missing out on the hunting opportunities by sitting on that same stand throughout the season, taking large, mature bucks needs a more effective strategy. In the nutshell, if you want to find your dream bucks, you need to transform yourself into a mobile deer hunter. 

Mobile Hunting Encourages Adaptability

The whitetails’ ecosystem changes a lot during the deer hunting season (from fall to early winter). These changes are generally related to mast sources, bedding cover, and green food sources, among others. Now, if you are a mobile hunter, you can easily adapt to these ever-changing needs of the deer.

For instance, if the deer are keying on a specific tree like acorns, then all you do is simply set up your stand on a white oak patch. If they are eating winter wheat, you need to hunt close to the plot edge to take advantage of the situation. And, if they are going for a deeper cover, focus on their bedding area. These things are nearly impossible if you hunt from a single spot all season round.

In addition, the changing season greatly affects the behavior and biological calendar of deer. This means you will see a different side of the deer in the pre-rut, post-rut, early, and late season. 

Now, being a mobile hunter allows you to change your strategies as the deer adopts a new behavior. For example, if you are not noticing any bucks on their food sources lately, they might be searching for estrus. In this case, try to hunt near a travel corridor or a bedding area. 

One of the most significant factors we have not revealed yet is other hunters’ pressure. This is extremely crucial if you choose high pressure hunting properties or public properties for your hunts. In this case, being mobile can be advantageous as you can easily come out of the crowded areas and hunt at the best spots where the deer are more comfortable during the daytime. On the other hand, if you are stuck to just one stand continuously in the hope that deer will come to you, you are simply increasing pressure, and even training the deer.

Most hunters tend to change their hunting sport throughout the year until they spot “the big buck.” The best part about hunting is being able to track and find the perfect deer. 

The Perks of Being a Mobile Hunter

By simply being mobile, you will significantly reduce the signs of your presence. By reducing your presence comes with positives and negatives. If you are not always in your same hunting spot, you will reduce your scent. If you do stay in the same hunting spot, your scent will increase but you might miss out on other shunting pots. 

While we are not saying that you can’t use the same location again for hunting, we are simply advising you to move more frequently during your hunting expeditions. Not only will this help you to keep deer clueless, but it will also prevent burning out a single spot. This simple strategy will go a long way in taking that big mature deer. So, what are you waiting for? Get in shape and excel in the game with mobile deer hunting this season.  

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