Bring More Money for Your Louisiana Home

Will a remodeling project bring more money for your Louisiana Home? Everyone needs to know this before going deeper in their home before a sale. 

At Louisiana Landsource our mission is to help you sell your Louisiana home or buy the perfect tract of land for sale in Louisiana

Before you start a home remodel project know if it will truly add more value to the sale of your home, not just to your home. 


Any home remodeling project will add beauty and value in your eyes, but will it necessarily bring you more money when you are trying to sell your Louisiana home. This is the question you need to ask before starting an expensive home remodel project. 

Everybody can imagine why remodeling projects require quality materials. However, the most important reason for Louisiana Roof Crafters is that our standards demand it. That’s why we employ only the best products.

If you were in the food business, would you sell unappetizing, fast, and cheap meals? We guess you won’t, and we wouldn’t too.

Our business’ standards would drive us to produce mouth-watering culinary masterpieces. So, we would cook 5-star dishes with 5-star service at our restaurant.

Cooking with the best ingredient possible is one of the most significant ways we may achieve this goal. Period.

Organic, aromatic, local, and in-season…the whole package!

When it comes to dining out, you want more than simply a pretty plate of food, a delicious bite, or a kind waiter. Your eating experience will be only as good as the sum of its parts.

Definitely, the food ingredients analogy fits. But, we will not go overboard with it.

Every remodeling material we propose to our clients has the following features: 

  • They come from recognized manufacturers who have demonstrated to be leading businesses in their niches.
  • We have proven them for a long time, and even we have used them in our homes.
  • They enhance the overall look of your kitchens and bathrooms.
  • They can withstand the test of time. Besides, they will be correctly installed to ensure faultless performance (despite long-term usage).

Besides, to our standards, we’ll show you the other four reasons why our kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects are impeccable. 

#1: You Enjoy Better Results & Liveability

For instance, granite countertops will make your kitchen look a lot more luxurious than a cheap solid-surface counter.

Or, if your cabinets are built of high-quality wood rather than low-quality fiberboard, they will appear and perform better. Besides, they will provide greater value to your home. 

Every little thing matters. So, you should not settle for only 80% of the items you are remodeling to be of superior quality. Just because you can’t see the caulking, binders, screws, and other small components, it doesn’t mean they are not important. You and your home only deserve the best.

#2: More ROI in Increased Home Value

All major home improvement websites agree that kitchen and bathroom renovation is a long-term good investment.

So, it is also necessary that you utilize the best goods, equipment, and materials to maximize your return of investment (ROI).

A cheap white countertop or backsplash will not provide the same ROI as something custom-made out of excellent marble or tile. 

Investing in a home renovation to recover your investment demands using the best materials. This idea is true regardless of you plan to sell or not. 

#3: Far Longer Service Lifetime

Of course, world-class items and materials endure longer. They continue to look and work their best as they age. So, think about the differences between choosing antique-quality solid wood for bespoke bathroom vanity and medium-grade fiberboard.

The last one will last for a short period. But, the first one will last for a long time. Even it will pass down through generations. Yes, generations! Thus, even your grandchildren may enjoy the benefits of the good investments you make today in your home.

We are not recommending that you choose oak for your new cabinets. We are only highlighting the extended lifetime of the best material.

#4: A Less Stressful Project with More Peace of Mind

You feel safer when you know that every material, including the below-the-surface ones, is high-quality and are properly installed.

You have peace of mind and trust in your investment when you receive the benefits for what you paid for. 

If you are a homeowner in the Baton Rouge Louisiana region, don’t hesitate to contact our vetted contractor, Louisiana Roof Crafters. Roof Crafters has the experience, the methods, and the reputation you are seeking. 

One of the best things about Roof Crafters is they are an 11-year vetted contractor with Louisiana Landsource. 

At Louisiana Landsource it is our mission to help you sell your Louisiana home or find that perfect piece of land for sale in Louisiana. Contact Louisiana Landsource or our longtime expert real estate partner Doug Rushing Realty. 

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