4 Interesting Hunting Facts

Louisiana Landsource gives you 4 interesting hunting facts. Hunting as a sport requires so much more than simply knowing the patterns of your prey or being able to handle a rifle. Beyond the physical and mental preparation, many hunters face their own unique fears and anxieties that get in the way of success. Here are 4 rough realities about hunting known to make even the most experienced hunters shake in their boots. 


The Declining Hunter Population 

Proper recruitment of the younger generations is a priority for anyone who wants to see their hunting club continue its proud traditions. While the aging population and uninterested younger members of society can pose a serious problem for future recruitment, we have yet another problem on our hands. The older generations who have dedicated their lives to hunting are retiring, taking their years of knowledge and experience with them, leaving little behind for any new hunters that may find their way into the sport.

Hunting Equipment Sales Are Falling 

When it comes to spending on recreational activities, hunting equipment used to be at the top of the food chain. However, hunting equipment has been pushed down to third place on the list of most-purchased sporting goods, with balls and bicycles coming in ahead. Hunting Equipment is still in demand, but it might be falling out of favor among those who would rather spend their money on more advanced gear than the necessities of hunting.

At first glance, this might not seem like a big deal but this decline in spending shows a potential decline in passion for the sport overall. This could also cause several issues in the future including reduced revenue for equipment manufacturers, decreased training opportunities for hunters and anglers, and fewer people who understand how conservation efforts work. 

The Cellular Trail Camera is Being Banned for Hunting

Trail cameras, specifically the ones with cellular data, are gaining popularity in the hunting world, but this new tool has created controversy where there was none before. More and more states are restricting the use of cellular trail cameras, especially during big game season. Why? The primary reason is that they can be used to illegally hunt animals. Hunters may use these devices to track animals without being seen or heard by them. The issue is that these devices make it easier for hunters to illegally shoot animals when they aren’t supposed to do so or when they have already been shot by another hunter.

These devices also have the potential to cause problems with private property rights and trespass laws. Some hunters have been accused of trespassing on private land just so that they can place their own trail cameras there so that they can catch illegal activity taking place on their property (such as poaching).

CWD or Chronic Wasting Disease Still Continues to Spread 

The future of deer hunting is not exactly clear, but there are some indications it will be heavily impacted by the spread of CWD or Chronic Wasting Disease. Like other prion diseases, CWD results in emaciation and behavioral abnormalities that ultimately cause death. The disease has been found in 400+ counties across 29 states so far and it is still spreading faster than ever.  If the disease continues to spread, it could significantly reduce the population of deer – and therefore your chances of hunting them! 

Ready to be a hunter? Don’t let these 4 facts hold you back! 

The fact of the matter is that hunting is a sport like no other, and it comes with plenty of challenges, rules, and traditions. And, admittedly, we’ve got plenty of problems that make hunting seem like an unappealing activity. So, before you run out to join the ranks of hunters, take some time to learn more about what hunters face out there on the plains. And if you’re seriously considering embarking on this noble activity, then don’t let these 4 realities about hunting hold you back. Only then will you be able to come to your own conclusions about whether hunting is really your cup of tea. 

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