How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel Project

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel Project. Kitchen remodeling projects take a lot of perseverance and patience and when you’re surrounded by mess 24/7, it can increase your stress levels significantly. That being said – a kitchen remodel is an exciting project for most homeowners. Deciding to remodel your existing kitchen with an optimized layout and state-of-the-art appliances and fixtures is a significant step towards transforming an ordinary house into your dream home.

Like any other complex project, a kitchen remodel is time-consuming, produces a lot of noise, and renders your kitchen almost useless till it is finished. The good news is that with some preparation beforehand, it’s fairly easy to survive a kitchen remodeling project regardless of its size and complexity. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some practical steps you can take to make your kitchen remodel a smooth and stress-free experience.


1. Take Advantage of Special Offers

While there are numerous benefits of remodeling a kitchen, it can be a significant investment. And if you have just bought a new home, a major kitchen remodel can burn a hole in your pocket.

Luckily, you can take advantage of special offers and discounts offered by many manufacturers and contractors. For instance, trusted contractors like XXXX offer some great discounts on their kitchen remodeling products along with a variety of lucrative financing options. Choosing the right contractor can dramatically cut down your kitchen remodeling expenses. They can even help you include expensive features in your kitchen at heavily discounted prices. 

2. Remodel Your Kitchen before Moving In

Most homeowners decide to remodel their kitchen after they purchase the home. Generally, it’s the customization phase when you make changes to the entire home to fit your needs and style preferences. Fortunately, you have some time between the precise date of buying the property and when you actually move in. According to real estate experts, this is the right time to undertake a kitchen remodeling project. 

Remodeling your kitchen during this time will allow you to enjoy your brand new kitchen right from the day you move in. 

3. Share Your Vision with the Remodeler

Experienced remodelers can guide you on the best course of action for your particular kitchen remodeling project. For example, make sure to ask them if you can use any part of your kitchen while the remodeling work is in progress and how much time the project will take to finish. In case, you cannot use your kitchen at all, they can help you set up a small kitchenette at a different location in your house. This way, you can still do your everyday kitchen tasks without interrupting the remodeling process. While you’re at it, also make sure to inquire about the safety measures they will use during your project. 

4. Find a Room to Eat Your Meals

Many people enjoy eating in their kitchens. So, when your kitchen is being renovated, you’ll need to find an alternate space in your home to eat your meals. For most families, their family room is a good option. This room can be used to set up a temporary kitchen including a microwave and a fridge. Another alternative is your dining room. 

5. Don’t Forget the Cost of Eating Out 

Determine how much money you usually spend on a single meal when your family eats outside. Figure out the number of meals required in a day and then multiply this number with the total duration of your project. You can save money by choosing pre-packaged microwavable food items on a few days or eating at nearby family or friends occasionally. 

Get In Touch 

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