How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel Project

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel Project. Kitchen remodeling projects take a lot of perseverance and patience and when you’re surrounded by mess 24/7, it can increase your stress levels significantly. That being said – a kitchen remodel is an exciting project for most homeowners. Deciding to remodel your existing kitchen with an optimized layout … Read more

Learn what Makes a Big Impact on Your Bathroom

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Preparing Roof for Fall Weather

Learn how preparing roof for fall weather could save you money. Days become shorter, children return to school, and Halloween flicks are playing on every TV station. All these signs tell us that colder and rainy days are just around the corner. Likewise, as your reliable roofing contractor, Louisiana Roof Crafters reminds you that it … Read more

Learn About Common Roofing Terms

Before you start a roofing project on your home Louisiana Landsource wants you to learn about common roofing terms. Roofers assume their business has a universal language. Quite the opposite is true, however. After all, most people cannot tell the difference between the frieze and the flashing. It’s still important to understand what your contractor’s … Read more

Learn How Your Roof Adds Value to Your Home

Learn How Your Roof Adds Value to Your Home. Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your home and because of that, it has to bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions throughout its lifespan. Everything from wind, harsh sunlight, pesky critters, rains, and storms – all can lead to severe wear and tear … Read more

5 Home Inspection Deal Breakers to Watch Out For

5 Home Inspection Deal Breakers to Watch Out For. Haunted houses may be a great idea for your next Halloween extravaganza but living in such a home is nothing less than a nightmare. We are not talking about any paranormal activities or those horrifying scenes you might have watched in your favorite horror movies. We … Read more

Selling Your Home? Your Roof can Make or Break the Deal

Selling Your Home? Your Roof can Make or Break the Deal. Many homeowners think of a home sale as a process of listing, showing, and selling. But, as anybody who has bought or sold a home will tell you, the process is more intricate and lengthier. Many sellers rush to make changes without considering what … Read more